The Capacitation Center against the Vehicular Environmental Pollution, Civil (Non–Profit) Association, is an Institution dedicated since 19 years ago to the relative with the prevention, reduction and control of the environmental pollution caused by the internal–combustion engines used in vehicles and machinery, in education, research and development tasks. Since the year 2000 the Institution also started the implementation of Programs for save fuels (Petrol or Gasoline, Diesel and Gas) in vehicles and to reduce their consumption and losses, as a way to reduce the vehicular pollution and financial costs and with the intention to increase the duration of the Petroleum and Hydrocarbons reserves and environment care and health, proposing and performing back in the year 2002 the very first Municipal Program in our Country to save fuels, in which the Carbon Monoxide (CO) pollution was reduced at levels from a minimum of 6.66 percent to a maximum of 78 percent. This first Municipal Program obtained a “Public–Utility” status in less than one month after being started. Speaking about non–Government fleets, the Institution’s best net benefit–to–cost ratio has been to save $ 3.92 for each $ 1.00 invested in the Program to save fuels, avoiding the loss of approximately 32,605 liters (8,613 U.S. Gallons or 7,172 “Imperial” or Britannic Gallons ) of regular 87–Octane gasoline or Petrol in an 18 Light Trucks fleet.

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